6 Styles Of Journaling To Write Your Way Through Your Life Journey

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The art of journaling is more significant than you think; it helps in enhancing the well-being of our daily life. However, before getting into the topic, let’s understand the basic concept of a journal here. 

What’s your perspective on Journaling?

The idea of journal writing may differ for each individual; many styles and variants of journal writing are available. But this concept is not correct or wrong; it is entirely handled and written by you. No one will have the authority to read your journal. 

Manifesting your power, improvising your mental health, or getting more organized, there are many styles of writing a journal in your daily life. Also, never fail to reach out to leading journal manufacturers for your quality type of journal.

Let’s see the different styles and their purposes!!

Style 1 – Bullet Journaling


The prevalent journaling type it is!

A bullet journal also serves as a planner, which helps record your everyday to-do lists, goals, plans and almost everything you want. It is the perfect organizer for your notes to jot down and make it an all-in-one combo. 

You can create whatever you want in this bullet journal, form a box, or draw random illustrations to create the most amazing journal. They are the most excellent multi-purpose type of journal of all time.

Style 2 – Art Journaling


The purpose of an art journal is similar to a sketchbook, but it is more than you think.

You can let your creativity pour down in an art journal to improve your art methods. For example, you can create small illustrations or sketches instead of words to make it more impressive. 

Make it all about arts, collect all your art inspirations and document them in your journal with your thoughts and feelings. The easiest way to express all your emotions about art is through the way of art; use it as a tool to impress the Picasso in you.

Style 3 – Travel Journaling


Most favourite type of journal dedicated entirely to travel and its adventures. 

Travel journal documents all your ups and downs, adventure seeking, valuable moments which happened on your way to trip. Imagine a journal dedicated to your trips to different places you’ve explored. 

Also, it can even use your travel journal for the places you have always wanted to visit nearly soon and the details you’ve known about.

Mention the positives and negatives you have faced throughout the journey. It expresses all your thoughts and memories about the trip you’ve achieved. 

It is the best opportunity to remember your trip easily by turning a few pages that refresh memories. Attach a few images, tickets, and stickers available to stick in your travel journal for the memory not fade forever.

Style 4 – Gratitude Journaling


Gratitude journaling comes in the habit of regularly tracking and reflecting on things you are grateful for. It provokes your brain to change the aspect of your life on a positive note and build resilience power against negative thoughts. 

The actual gratitude journal will only be beneficial if you know how to use it. However, a gratitude journal can improve your mental health, well-being, and happiness.

It helps you detail your feelings on every aspect of your life and how you’re grateful. A gratitude journal helps uplift your life journey towards a positive note and make changes in your life. 

Setting a documentary about your feelings makes it a gentle reminder of your life with a positive aspect. 

Style 5 – Diary Journaling


Diary journaling is quite different from others, using it as a personal journal to record everything and more private than other journal types. 

In this journal type, you can write about anything you want to pour out; it may be your reactions to particular circumstances like the failure of something or achieving something which you’ve waited for. 

This journaling style involves your feelings, emotions, relationships, goals, etc.,

Style 6 – Food Journaling


What’s that food journal? 

A food journal will always be an exciting way to document all the experiences you’ve obtained from the restaurant or note down trying a recipe. If you’re a food lover and love to cook, keeping a food journal with you will be a bonus point if you enjoy visiting new restaurants or exploring new menus. 

This journal helps you to keep a memorable dining experience with writing therapy; it will permanently sustain a memory. Consider carrying your food journal when you visit new places; it helps keep your new dishes experience alive and wants you to try it more.

Closure Thoughts

Holding on to a journaling habit is easier when you write at suitable times. For example, you can write while you drink your morning coffee, travel to work, or while going to bed.

Either way, visiting your journal regularly leads to a fresh start with new insights and ideas that can transform your life.

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