A Beginners Guide to Convert CDR to PDF Format- A Quick Guide

convert CDR to PDF

Are you also looking for a solution to convert CDR to PDF file format? Then, don’t worry. You have reached the right place. Here, I will guide you on how you can simply convert Corel draw file to PDF with various procedures. In addition, I will also talk about the third-party utility, Sysinfo CDR Converter. In the upcoming paragraph, I will discuss a little bit of introduction to Corel Draw’s file format, CDR and PDF.   

Brief Description of CDR and PDF File Format 

CorelDRAW is a graphic design application that mainly professional users utilize as it includes all tools such as illustration, photo editing, layout, website creation, and web graphics. Usually, Corel Draw software stores in CDR file format. On the other hand, Portable Document Format (PDF) can contain raster and vector digital text, images, and many more. Moreover, PDF has various features that help to build it superior for printing and transferring files or documents. Everyone knows that PDF file format is a challenging task to edit, but you can simply edit your files by installing Adobe Acrobat.  

How to Convert CDR to PDF File Format?

In this section, I will go through different solutions to convert CDR to PDF online. Just visit below mentioned methods. 

  • Export CDR to PDF By Using CorelDraw Application
  • Convert CDR into PDF Through InkSpace
  • Reliable Technique to Convert Corel to PDF  

However, I have just given you an overview of the different procedures for Corel draw file convert to PDF. Furthermore, I will describe them one by one in detail. 

Method 1: Export CDR to PDF By Using CorelDraw Application

Firstly, I will install and launch the CorelDRAW application. After that, follow the below-mentioned steps for your easy understanding. 

  • Open your CDR files in the CorelDRAW software that you want to view.
  • After that, navigate to the File menu and select any of the options such as, Export, Publish to PDF, and Save As
  • Then, a new screen will appear on your local screen.
  • Choose PDF as file format in the Save as an option.
  • Furthermore, click the Save button to convert CDR into PDF.
  • In the end, you have the option to change the name of your specific CDR files and finally set the destination path to save in PDF file format.  

Therefore, I have successfully finished to convert CDR to PDF. Furthermore, I will also go through other methods. You can easily follow any of the techniques. 

Method 2: Convert CDR into PDF Through InkSpace

In this method, I will install InkSpace software in my local system. The remaining steps are as mentioned below. Follow them to have a clear understanding. 

  • Choose and Open your CDR file that you are willing to convert into PDF.
  • After that, click the File button > Save as option.
  • Afterward, set the location and type the name of your chosen file.
  • Then, Extend the Save as type button and select Portable Document Format (.pdf) from the drop-down list.
  • Lastly, Click on the Save button from the list to view CDR online.

Here, I have successfully completed to convert CDR to PDF file format. Furthermore, I will also like to mention some drawbacks of the manual method. In the upcoming paragraph, I will talk about what are the challenges faced by the users.  

Demerits of Performing the Manual Method

In this section, I would like to mention some disadvantages while accomplishing the manual techniques. 

  • Such methods are too complicated to understand at a beginner’s stage. 
  • The above-mentioned procedure requires practical or technical knowledge. 
  • Users waste too much time performing these methods. 

If you don’t want to waste your time and just want to convert CDR to PDF files, you can simply go with the third-party utility. Let’s learn about how to Open CDR File Without CorelDRAW.

Method 3: Reliable Technique to Convert Corel to PDF  

First of all, I loved this third-party utility, the Sysinfo CDR Converter program. It helps me to Corel draw file convert to PDF in bulk in a little time. This program assists to transfer all CDR files without losing my crucial data. Even I have large files, it is easy to convert into PDF file format as its interface is very user-friendly.  


In this blog post, I have discussed various topics. Firstly, I have gone through the brief introduction of CDR and PDF file format. After that, I have described how you can easily convert CDR to PDF files. In this post, I have discussed three methods. You can opt for any of the methods it’s up to you.   

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