Best Approaches to Convert EML to PDF – A Quick Guide

Convert EML to PDF

Summary: Many users nowadays search for how to convert EML files to PDF. If you are also looking for a method to convert EML to PDF. Then follow this informative article. In this article, we are going to discuss manual methods to convert EML to PDF. But, before that, we will explain here why users want to change EML to PDF. We have also provided a professional solution EML Converter to save EML as PDF format. Let’s start with the reasons to convert EML to PDF format.  

Why We Need To Change EML To PDF

There are various reasons for EML to PDF conversion. Some primary motives are as below:

  1. PDF files provide safety to EML files. 
  2. You can save EML files in a single format as a backup in PDF files.
  3. No, any unknown person can edit information, without access to a PDF document. 
  4. To reduce the file size: PDF files are generally smaller than EML files, making them easier to send via email.

After knowing all the above-mentioned reasons, you basically comprehend why it is necessary to convert EML to PDF. Let’s move to the manual techniques to convert EML files to PDF. You can also import EML to Outlook with the help of this mentioned write-up.

How Do I Convert EML File To PDF manually? 

Using the Outlook built-in utility, you can easily convert EML to PDF manually. Here are the steps to do so:

  1.   First, open Microsoft Outlook and go to the File tab.  
  2.   Now in the Info tab, select the Import and Export option.  
  3.  Select Export to a file option and then click Next. 
  4.  Select Microsoft Exchange and then tap Next. 
  5.   Now select the .eml file type and then press Next. 
  6.   Locate the folder where your .eml file is stored and then click Next.
  7.    Now choose the PDF format and then click Next. 
  8.  Select the location where you want to save the PDF file and then click Next. 
  9.  Now click the Finish button to convert the .eml file to PDF.

The above manual methods are capable to convert EML to PDF. But manual techniques are not suitable for non-tech users due to some limitations. Let us find out some drawbacks of using manual processes in the next phase. 

Disadvantage Of Manual Processes

  1. Time-Consuming Process: Manual conversion of EML to PDF is a very difficult and time-consuming process, as it applies multiple steps and complicated procedures.   
  2.  Lack of Security: Manual conversion of EML to PDF can also be risky.
  3.  Lack of Advanced Features: Manual conversion of EML to PDF does not provide advanced features like batch conversion, selective conversion, etc. that help to simplify and speed up the process.

These are some of the limitations of using manual methods. To solve this problem we have another technique. Try the professional solution named EML Converter. By using this tool you can easily convert EML files into PDF with 100% data accuracy. Its process is so easy therefore non-technical people can also use this method easily without facing any problems. Let’s take a quick look at the whole article in the last context.


Here, we discussed the reasons why users want to convert EML files into PDF format. Afterward, we discussed manual methods and their steps for converting EML files into PDF format. However, the manual process has some drawbacks and it is not secure. That’s why we have also mentioned the professional method to convert EML files to PDF format. At last, In the end, I will suggest all the users go for the professional way for easy and fast conversion.

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