Everything You Need To Know About Azure Cloud Monitoring Tools

Azure Cloud Monitoring Tools

Monitoring the performance and general well-being of a company’s cloud infrastructure is becoming increasingly critical as more companies migrate towards cloud computing. 

According to a Flexera survey, 82% of businesses have a multi-cloud strategy, and 92% use at least one public or private cloud.

Hence, Microsoft Azure cloud services offer a variety of potent monitoring tools to assist businesses in keeping a watch on their cloud apps and resources. To make you understand the importance of cloud monitoring, we’ll go over all Azure Cloud Monitoring Tools definitions and briefly discuss Azure cloud monitoring tools in this article. 

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What are Azure Cloud Monitoring Tools?

Azure Cloud Monitoring Tools is a group of services and tools offered by Microsoft Azure cloud service or through associating with Azure cloud consultants for managing the performance and availability of resources running on the Azure cloud platform.

Azure monitoring tools give you access to information about how well your infrastructure and applications are performing and the ability to spot problems early on and improve resource efficiency.

1. Azure Monitor

A unified monitoring tool called Azure Monitor offers a thorough insight into the functionality and state of your Azure resources, apps, and infrastructure. Using Azure Monitor, the enterprise can gather, examine, and act on telemetry data from various sources, including Azure resources, Azure services, and third-party apps.

With the help of the several data types that Azure Monitor provides, like metrics, logs, and traces, businesses can learn more about how apps and infrastructure behave. 

Moreover, the business can leverage the advantage of custom alerts, dashboards, and reports to resolve issues before they impact your users. Using Azure Monitor assists businesses in proactively identifying errors. 

2. Azure Application Insights

Azure Application Insights is a robust application performance management (APM) tool that offers thorough insights into the functionality of online apps. Management can track the accessibility, functionality, and user experience of online applications with Application Insights and spot any problems that degrade the user experience.

Organizations may acquire insights into user behavior and application performance using Application Insights, which can track various data types, including server requests, page views, and custom events. Custom dashboards, alerts, and reports may be made using Application Insights to help proactively monitor applications and find problems before they impact users.

3. Azure Log Analytics

With Azure Log Analytics, a robust log management service, businesses can gather, examine, and display data from many sources. With Log Analytics, companies can centralize logs and learn more about the functionality and efficiency of infrastructure and apps.

Many log data sources, including Azure resources, Windows and Linux servers, and third-party apps, are supported by Log Analytics. Custom searches, dashboards, and alarms can be made using Log Analytics to assist in swiftly locating and resolving issues in the business environment.

4. Azure Service Health

When problems with Azure services have an impact on you, Azure Service Health is a service that offers individualized advice and help. With Service Health, you can quickly identify and fix problems while staying updated about the state of your Azure services.

Service Health offers tailored recommendations and advice based on your utilization of Azure resources and subscription settings. Custom notifications about service incidents impacting your resources can be made using Service Health.

5. Azure Network Watcher

Businesses can monitor and analyze Azure network architecture with Azure Network Watcher, a network monitoring and diagnostics service. Companies may analyze network traffic with Network Watcher, solve connectivity problems, and identify issues with network performance.

Moreover, businesses may identify difficulties and diagnose network performance issues using a comprehensive range of network diagnostics tools supported by Network Watcher, including packet capture, network topology, and flow logs. Create personalized notifications using Network Watcher to actively monitor the network and find problems before they affect the users.

6. Azure Advisor

The service known as Azure Advisor assists businesses in optimizing Azure resources and raising their efficiency, security, and dependability. Using Adviser, organizations can learn more about resource usage, settings, and performance and get suggestions for resource optimization.

Adviser offers advice on various issues, such as cost reduction, security, dependability, and performance. With Adviser, businesses may make personalized recommendations and reports to help organizations make the most use of the resources and cut expenditures.

Wrapping Up

For managing the performance and availability of resources running on the Azure cloud platform, Azure monitoring tools offer a complete collection of services and capabilities. These solutions allow businesses to monitor the functionality of their infrastructure and applications, identify problems, and improve the efficiency of business resource usage. 

Organizations can monitor their resources in real-time, solve problems quickly, and enhance the performance of their applications and infrastructure on the cloud platform by using Azure monitoring tools like Azure Monitor, Azure Log Analytics, Azure Network Watcher, Azure Service Health, and Azure Security Center. Businesses can leverage monitoring tools from the Microsoft Azure consulting service provider or partner with the Azure cloud consultant team. 

In general, enterprises that need high availability, performance, and scalability for their infrastructure and applications operating on the Azure cloud platform must invest in Azure monitoring solutions.

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