Here Are The 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Matta Rice Over Other Rice

matta rice

Do you know what matta rice is?

Also called Red parboiled rice or Kerala rice, which looks yellowish-red in colour and is mainly used in Karnataka and Kerala. An elementary type of rice comes from the roots of ancient rice, which looks smaller and fluffier than other types of white rice.

The traditional nutrition-packed rice type provides an earthy taste and aroma that helps bring health-conscious and flavourful food to the plate.

It brings out the flavours by giving it a nice earthy texture adorned with meat. Matta rice is packed with healthier nutrients than white rice; it is the best option for diet freaks who always decide on a healthier option.

We came up with the possible reasons why Matta Rice will be a great choice!

Best in Nutrition

Matta rice gives more nutrients essential for health and gives out a unique fragrance and taste. The red pericarp is the healthy outer layer of the matta rice grain that gives it a clear shine.

Its natural superiority contributes to a healthier diet because of its increased fibre, minerals, and vitamins.

Reduce the Risk of Diseases

Reduce the Risk of Diseases

White rice is responsible for attracting diabetes and heart diseases, but there is no second thought in using matta rice.

Matta rice has high fibre, minerals and other nutrients that fight cancer and heart diseases. Moreover, it keeps all the blood vessels properly by clearing all the clots. In addition, matta rice is very low in cholesterol and saturated fat content.

Rich In Fibre

Generally, rice has a meagre amount of fibre, but it’s time to break the fact.

Matta rice has higher fibre content helps in smoothing the digestion process. In addition, it produces the required amount of fibre for your daily needs.

It makes you fuller easily because of its fibre content; your body meets daily nutritional requirements by intaking proper fibre, even in rice.

Rich In Vitamin A and B

Matta rice is a good source of minerals and vitamins; you can find generous amounts of Vitamin A and B in the nutrient-rich coat of Matta rice. These vitamins are necessary to live a healthy life and maintain all the systems in your body.

Free Of Gluten

Matta rice boosts core health because of its gluten-free nature; it retains the nutrition of this rice by parboiling it further and is not full of carbohydrates. If you plan not to miss out on the incredible benefits hidden in these outer grains’ outer coating, use an unpolished variant of Matta rice.

Points To Remember

  • Matta rice is known for its earthy flavour and aroma, which hints at healthy properties.
  • It is known for its traditional qualities.
  • Matta rice contains many healing properties for our bodies.
  • They help protect our bodies by rejecting all the chances of getting cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more.
  • Your unhealthy diet causes complications, including diseases, degradation in health, and such issues.
  • Different names include Palakkadan matta rice and Kerala Red Rice, known as matta rice. It is not only grown in Palakkad or only used in Kerala but also in parts of Karnataka.

Closure Thoughts

Matta rice is one of the famous and nutrient-rich rice varieties from Kerala, India. It improves heart health, reduces blood pressure levels, and is attributed to the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and dietary fibre.

Choosing matte rice will be a wiser option; it will always satisfy regarding health and dietary choices.

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