How to Choose the Right Functional Activewear for Workouts?

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Fitness enthusiasts have different workout gear for different purposes. Workout sessions are very intense and tough. You need functional activewear fabrics that supports you well while sweating. Different blends of great functional fabric are available online and you can prevent interruptions and unwanted hassles of workouts with functional activewear whether it is a trekking suit, workout wear, cricket jersey, gymnastic suit, or running cycle gear. So, choose your functional activewear fabrics wisely for smooth sessions.

Let’s have a look at some reasons why functional activewear fabrics are becoming important:

Heat Characteristics

Today, fabrics with thermal insulation properties are in demand. The benefit of this fabric is that it is hot in cold weather and cool in hot weather. If your fabric is not capable of pushing the sweat outside, the temperature of the body of the athlete rises. The quality of this fabric may vary but it should have this feature. During summertime, the cloth is expected to have breathing quality to have a cold feeling inside and during the winter, the cloth should have insulation to keep you warm the whole day. This property is beneficial to the athlete especially during warm-up to get prepared for the game.

Lighter weight

Your activewear should be lighter in weight. Also, man-made fabric from Nylon and Polyester are finer in counts. For example, a 20D yarn is similar to 268 cotton counts which is impossible to create. The lighter fabric allows the creation of better quality functional fabric to stay light to the users. It helps the athlete to perform better and achieve medals and fabric can support him best to get the results.

Moisture-wicking properties

This is the most important quality of functional fabric and moisture should travel to the outer surface of the clothing. This feature can be obtained only by the specific composition of the fabric with some capillary flow of the fabric with the use of some specific chemical. The airiness of the fabric can be less than 15%. This typical airflow will be pleasant at first but once you get the sweat, it will feel unpleasant to you. Polyester quick-dry fabrics are found best in moisture-wicking properties and give the best airflow to the user and make him feel pleasant.

Compression properties

You must have seen some folks wearing compression clothes not due to fashion but for increasing performance. Such clothes have better blood flow assistance and support to the muscles and also send blood fast to the heart and minimizing fatigue and increasing performance. Fabrics having 15-30% Nylon and Polyester spandex are preferred choices for gym wear, cricket inners, cycling, and skating.

Weatherproof properties

The outermost layer of the functional fabric should have a waterproof facility to save the user from air, rain, and snow. WP coating of PU, PVC, and TPU helps you generate the outermost layer as waterproof to protect the player in undesirable weather conditions. Whereas the cotton fabric doesn’t have such properties and feels heavy in rain and snowy weather conditions.

Elastic qualities

Activewear should have an elastic function for free mobility. Spandex yarn or some mechanical yarn can be used to add elasticity to the fabric. Stretchability can be understood better with gymnastics where the player needs elasticity most and for this, you can use knitted fabric, stretch fabrics are also becoming popular for elasticity benefits. Whereas woven fabrics can obtain stretching capabilities by using spandex yarn or mechanical yarn. 

Durability and easy maintenance

You would not like your activewear to become dull and worn out if you are using them regularly. Polyester and Nylon have better cooling man-made fabrics that are most durable and easy to maintain. These days filament sublimation printing and readymade garments are made with filament yarn that you can use repeatedly without damage. Because of some extra functions like the wicking which diminishes the wear, it is recommended for the users to replace their function wear regularly.

Soft and pleasant touch

Activewear fabrics should be soft and pleasant to the touch. Earlier, some fabrics were having rough touch due to the quality of the fabric, and sometime, you will find that after some time usage, the fabric becomes rough and unpleasant. A player or athlete should be cautious about the touch of the fabric as if it is hurting inside you, it can become a problem for you during the game. Few companies produce low-quality fabric to increase their profits but it can result in a waste of money for the users after some time. Wherever you go for buying a piece of fabric, always ask about the after-wash results of the fabric to get quality fabric.

Easy care performance

Functional activewear fabrics is becoming important in society due to its easy care and performance features. Nowadays, there are lots of Nylon spandex and Polyester spandex available in the market which can easily be washed with mild detergent with hands only and can be retained for longer days of use. Although, it is recommended to wear fabrics for the same days to maintain their colors and fibers. If you keep wearing the same activewear for a long time, its quality will start depleting and bacteria can enter it. 

Smart and functional touch

If your activewear fabrics does not have a smart and functional touch, you are missing something valuable. Your activewear has breathability, stretchability, and absorbability to be a smart activewear fabric. The latest spandex yarn and some technical yarn have such qualities which can help you feel great in your sportswear. Also, these fabrics are durable, easy to clean, and affordable for most of us.


Every activewear fabrics is made for some purpose. Athletes and sports players have some goals in life and they fight for them. Functional fabric is found effective and supportive for fitness enthusiasts and players. There are different blends of functional fabrics available at the most affordable cost in the market. The functional fabric helps you feel comfortable during your fitness workout and sports games. Hence, their demand is increasing day by day. Best of luck with your life goals!

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