Starling And Stupefying Airbnb Reviews Examples For Your Website

Airbnb Reviews

Worried about comfortable and relaxing hotel stays? Don’t worry you can completely rely upon Airbnb for your comfort and value-for-money deals.

Airbnb is a trusted platform for all boards of the hospitality industry. This platform is very recommended and credible among the masses; the reviews generated by the platform are equally efficient and effective in influencing people online. Considering the boom in the hospitality industry, many businesses often choose to embed Airbnb reviews on their website, and generate trust and engagement for their respective websites.

But sometimes website designing options and choices can be very monotonous and boring which can make your website non-appealing and intriguing enough for the website visitors. Well, we intend to help our readers understand the best method to embed the Airbnb review widget on the website, moreover, we also have mentioned some amazing and illuminating ways to showcase the reviews on the webpage.

Some Starling Airbnb Reviews Examples For Website Enhancement:

We have curated a list of starling styling ideas for showcasing Airbnb reviews examples for your website. This would help the website developers to showcase their creative best and make the Airbnb review widget more attractive and visually pleasing;

A). Testimonial slider:

The first way to display Airbnb reviews examples is through the very popular and eye-catchy Testimonial slider. The easiest way to attract and hold the attention span of website visitors is to use this display layout. With this layout method, the brand website would be able to display the desired and positive reviews to make their website stand apart and better from their competitors’ websites. The striking advantage of using this styling template design is that the website visitor can easily read the displayed review because it only displays one review at a time. This would intrigue the reader’s interest and they would spend more time exploring the page.

B). Review carousel:

Yet another extremely popular design style is that of the review carousel. With social media aggregator tools at your assistance in the embedding process, you can get the entire control of your review widget. Along with that, you can also make changes in the design to your liking. Whereas Carousel design is concerned, it is remarkable and enables website visitors to view astonishing Airbnb reviews on your website in a fraction of a second and at glance intriguing their interests!

C). Review box:

Last but not least, we have a pattern of displaying Airbnb reviews in a review box. As per the name, the reviews will be on the website in a box-type format that will be visible to the website visitor multiple times. Moreover, every review would be showcased in a separate and individual box all in one place. This would provide symmetry and an organized look and feel to the webpage, making it stand out and apart from the competitors. 

How To Add A Stupefying Airbnb Review Widget To Your Website?

Well talking about the most prestigious and prominent method of showcasing the desired Airbnb reviews on your website is none other than the social media aggregator tools. These tools are effective and efficient in providing solutions for embedding desired content from preferred social media platforms onto your website.

One of the developer’s social aggregator tools are easy to use. These tools are regarded as one of the easiest and optimal ones used for making your website more attractive and driving more traffic towards it.

Social media aggregators provide a dedicated review widget that can be altered and customized as per the user’s preferences. And the cherry on the cake is that these tools are coding free which means that they can be accessed by anyone. Furthermore, the review widget on the website wouldn’t hamper the alignment of your website, making it easy for readers to go through the content, no matter what device they are using.

Let’s now see how can website owners gather and collect more Airbnb reviews for their websites;

Efficient Ways To Gather Airbnb Reviews:

These are handpicked and effective ways to collect Airbnb reviews. These ways are tried and tested, and would further strengthen the customer and brand relationships for the future.

#1 Ask directly for reviews:

The easiest way to collect reviews is to ask the customer directly. This would make the customer feel acknowledged and worthy of an opinion. The most appropriate time of doing would be at the time of checking out or once they have already availed of the service.

#2 Send texts:

Next up is to send text messages to the existing customers asking them to lend a few minutes and put up a review on the platform. Just ensure that the text messages include a working link and that the customer doesn’t have any inconveniences.

#3 Follow-up emails:

The last way to gather valuable customer reviews is via sending follow-up emails. These emails should contain a polite note of gratitude towards the customer and request them to drop a genuine review of their service experience.

Advantages of Adding Airbnb Reviews On Your Website:

These below-mentioned points will validate the benefits of adding an Airbnb review widget on your website. And as Airbnb is an influential platform and integrating the Airbnb review widget on your website would be a fruitful and strategic move on the developer’s part;

#1 Makes website trustworthy:

Adding Airbnb reviews to your website will make your website more trustworthy and reliable. A well-reputed website would garner more attention online from website visitors and potential customers. This is because people have a tendency to look up reviews before making purchasing decisions about their hotel stays.

#2 Adds charms:

As discussed above some of the Airbnb reviews examples and styles of displaying the review widget can help in adding charm to the website. Using the customization feature from tools can help you to beautify Airbnb reviews on your website. It will make it more visually appealing for the website visitor, and eventually, they will spend more time on your website.

#3 Improves website traffic:

Lastly, adding Airbnb reviews on your website improves the website’s traffic making it more visible and present on the internet space. Improved website traffic will influence the potential leads on the website.

In Essence:

Airbnb is one of the best and most widely accepted review portals across the world. Along with that adding an Airbnb review widget to your website will enhance the website’s credibility and improve its SEO rankings. For our readers’ convenience, we have also mentioned some of the impressive and stupefying Airbnb reviews examples that will assist them in understanding the potential of the platform’s reviews and devising strategies.

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