5 Ways to Draw Attention to Your Business

Draw Attention to Your Business

It’s more difficult than ever to capture the public’s attention. There are simply too many distractions out there, from our phones to our smart TVs and laptops.

All of this leads to a basic question: how can any small business stand out in a world where bigger players are already competing for the attention of customers?

It may sound daunting, but it’s possible. Here are a few ways to generate the type of interest your business deserves.

1.  Partner with other brands

As a small business owner, you’ve worked hard to cultivate a loyal customer base. Others in your position have done the same. Why not work together with like-minded companies to spread awareness?

Partnering with other brands has never been easier than it is today. Social media makes operating partnership marketing campaigns as simple as finding a company on Facebook or Instagram, reaching out with a direct message, and asking them if they would be interested in collaborating with your marketing team.

As you search for potential partnerships, consider how well the company’s product line or mission aligns with your own. For example, an ice cream company could collaborate with a chocolate company to create a special edition chocolate-covered ice cream cone. Both brands can reach new customers by sharing information about the campaign with their social media audience.

2.  Create an eye-catching storefront entrance


eCommerce dominates any conversation about modern shopping, but a standout storefront can still play a key role in acquiring new customers.

Giving your store curb appeal doesn’t require a massive investment. For example, a fresh coat of paint using warm colors can make your store seem more inviting. Even easier, you can update your store sign. You could create a custom neon sign with your store’s name on it. Or, you can use your existing store sign and surround it with bright lights to make sure every passerby sees it.

Before deciding on the new touches to your store, check out the neighborhood around you and figure out what it would take for your business to stand out. It’s all a matter of piquing the curiosity of those walking through the neighborhood.

3.  Be mindful of your brand voice

A strong brand voice can help your company develop customer loyalty and drive future sales. Customers typically do a significant amount of research into a brand before making a purchase. Make sure they come away with a favorable impression by having a consistent brand persona across your website and social media.

Does your company think it’s important to not take itself too seriously? Make sure the language on your website is light-hearted. Or, if you feel it’s crucial for customers to see your company as experts in your field, be sure the writing makes the website or social media account visitor feel as though you’re there to serve as their guide.

4.  Create a customer referral program

Have we mentioned the value of a loyal customer base? Not only are your biggest fans a source of consistent sales, but they can also tell others about your company.

With a referral program, customers who tell their friends and family about your company can earn rewards, such as discounts and free items. For eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, this usually entails a customer sharing a hyperlink with the person to whom they’re making the referral. If the person who receives the link follows it and makes a purchase, the customer earns the reward. You’ll bring in new sales while also spreading awareness of your business.

If you’re looking to set up a referral program, review your eCommerce platform’s marketplace to find the referral program application for your business.

5.  Get out in your community

Everyone is a potential customer. Don’t waste the opportunity to attract new ones by missing out on local events.

From local fairs and parades to chamber of commerce meetings, there are many ways to get your company’s name out there. Even if you mostly conduct business online, there’s still a lot of value in becoming a fixture in your community. Customers tend to want to support local businesses, and will often choose to shop at a business in their hometown rather than a national brand.

Make sure your company stands out from the crowd at these public events by having eye-catching signage on your booth and business cards ready at a moment’s notice.

Break through the distractions

With careful planning, your company can stand out from the pack. As you contemplate how you can capture the attention of the right customers, always start with what your company does best. From there, it’s just a matter of making sure it’s abundantly clear to everyone.

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