6 Shoe Ideas for an “On Your Feet All Day” Job

6 Shoe Ideas

Comfort is paramount, especially if your work entails you to be on your feet all day. If you don the wrong type of footwear for a long day at work, you may end up in pain (or worse, injured) at the end of the day.

Fortunately, you can easily prevent this from happening. It’s just a matter of heeding these six shoe ideas that will keep you comfy and chic as you toil on your feet all day. 

1. Running Shoes

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If your job requires you to stand and/or walk for hours on end, then you should go for a good pair of running shoes. They support your arches and reduce the stress on your heels, ankles, and toes. The result? Lower risk of injury and/or less knee or back pain (or none at all!).

When buying a running shoe, consider more than just the size and style. Look into the following as well:

  • Ankle collar, which shouldn’t irritate your Achilles tendon or your ankle sides.
  • The heel counter, which should allow for effortless ankle motion.
  • Saddle, which should hold your foot and prevent slippage.
  • Toebox, which should have ample space for a flexed forefoot.

2. Work Boots

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If you work in the logistics, transport, or aviation industry, then you need to invest in more than just protective, comfortable clothing. It’s a must to get a pair of sturdy work boots, as well. After all, this will help prevent slips and fallsーand protect you from falling objects, even electrical shock.

Remember to choose a work boot that offers adequate cushioning, as this will help support your ankle and foot. This should also align your leg and improve your posture, thus reducing those post-work back pain spells.

Here are several other factors you need to consider when buying a work boot:

  • Toe cap. A soft toe is ideal for workplaces with a zero-to-low risk for impact injuries. For all other areas, a composite or steel toe may be better.
  • Upper. Full-grain leather is resistant to wear and tear, while split-grain leather is a ‘lighter,’ breathable material. Suede-like nubuck leather is water- and abrasion-resistant, while synthetics like polyester and nylon offer both comfort and breathability. 
  • Midsole. Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) helps ease foot pain. Materials such as polyurethane prevent wear and tear, while shanks keep you stable and balanced.
  • Outsole. Rubber offers traction, which is suitable for electrical-hazard areas. Lugs provide stability, while slip-resistant soles are ideal for restaurant employees, construction workers, and mechanics. 

3. Clogs

If your workplace doesn’t follow a ‘closed shoes’ policy, then you should consider wearing clogs to work. While they may not be ‘aesthetic’ as most of the footwear in this list, it offers the comfort your weary feet deserve. 

When choosing clogs, always consider the following:

  • Upper material. If you get a lot of splashes at work, choose suede since it has excellent absorption properties. 
  • Footbed. Since you’re on your feet all day, opt for cork. This cushions the feet rather well while keeping them insulated during the colder months too. 
  • Outsole. EVA helps cushion your step by smoothing out surface irregularities. 

4. Driving Shoes

These shoes are not just made for driving. They suit hours of standing and/or walking, too. 

Because of their purpose, driving shoes often come with extra cushioning in the heel area. They’re also fitted with rubberized soles that allow for extra grip. These will surely come in handy if you’re working in a high-slip area.  

Most driving shoes are made with breathable material, so your feet don’t feel stuffy at work. And since there are many styles to choose from, you can always pick something that complements your work style ideas.

5. Blanket Footwear

If you want to be comfortable and colorful at work, then your best choice is blanket footwear. This slip-on is made of blanket uppers that will make you feel like you’re wearing a cozy pair of sandals. 

This unique type of footwear is also brimming with other features that suit your ‘on your feet’ all-day job. For one, it comes with a wide opening so you can flex your toes after prolonged walking or standing at work. It also features an ultra-soft footbed that may help reduce foot pain. 

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6. Sandals

Again, if you have a lax workplace shoe policy or there’s low to no accident risk in your office, you could try wearing a pair of sandals. It can provide the comfort and support you need while allowing your feet to breathe. 

For best results, go for hiking sandals. They often come in a cross-strap style that helps keep the feet in place. They’re also designed for comfort and durability since they’re meant to be worn in the great outdoors. 

Choosing the right shoe is crucial, especially if your job requires you to be on your feet all day. So, if you want to feel comfy and remain stylish at work, then find a shoe that supports your feet for hours on end.

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