Best Payment Gateways For Magento 2 E-Commerce Web Development

Best Payment Gateways

As the pattern of Internet shopping is expanding, users like to buy from online stores and need to improve their customized shopping experience. All of these have become possible through the Magento software which has increased buyers’ satisfaction rate from the online site, resulting in better customer service and growth of the companies. For this purpose, you can hire a Magento Developer from a Magento development company, who will create a fully functional online store with a wide range of features. Now there are many payment methods that have made it easy for the customers to purchase. These payment gateways are of different kinds and are from different mediums which have changed the whole point of view of shopping. Users can make installments by utilizing their charge card, Mastercard, web banking, and numerous alternate ways which is so natural.

What is a Payment Gateway?

If it is said in simple language, Payment Gateway refers to facilitating the way of payment by the merchants for the customers through the way of allowing the service of the credit card. It assists in processing the transactions directly from online shopping stores to the payment processor which receives money from the customers later. Consumers who want to do online shopping can securely enter the details of a credit card.

How Does Payment Gateway Work?

After getting the information about what is a payment gateway, let’s get some information about how it works. 

Step-1 Add a Payment Gateway:

Subsequent to setting up a web-based store, it is required to add an installment passage that guarantees that every one of your exchanges is directed securely and safely. By doing this, merchants and customers will have complete knowledge about the procedure of payment. You can customize the way of adding the payment methods and a suitable payment gateway service provider for your page of the checkout process with Magento’s custom web development services.

Step-2 Customer does a Purchase:

On your online store, customer select products of their choice, and at them to the shopping cart, and clicks on payment, where they will be asked to select the payment method. On picking a charge card or Mastercard, they will be requested subtleties, for example, card number, name of the cardholder, expiry date, and CVV number for something similar.

Step-3 Website Directs To Payment Gateway:

When a customer decides to make a purchase, they are directed to the payment page to complete the transaction, where they enter the details of their card or UPI. UPI is a new method of paying, in which the payment is done by an app where the bank account is linked. It is secure to do transactions this way as the card details are encrypted. The payment gateway checks for the fraud and if not found they send it to the acquiring bank for the purpose of authorization. It can check the fraud automatically which is an integral part of the whole procedure. Some of the platforms are also available with advanced detection methods like AI and machine learning.

Step-4 Authorisation:

As per the spending patterns of the consumer, the bank verifies all the parameters to ensure that the transaction is genuine which includes the details of the customer’s identity and the bank’s details. After the installment passage gets a reaction from the responsible bank, it tells the securing bank about the achievement or disappointment of the exchange.

Customers are shared details by the merchant about the final status of the transaction with the confirmation of payment in case of successful. In the case of a failed payment, the customer will be asked to retry the payment using another method.

Step-5 Settlement:

After getting the approval regarding payment, the acquiring bank initiates the settlement procedure. Issuing bank transfers funds from the customer’s account to the payment gateway and then settles with the merchant within a few business days. 

The customer gets the message of confirmation when this whole process is completed.

Criteria For Choosing a Payment Gateway:

Transaction Security:

Doing online payment means you trust the third party to give all your private information which means you are assured that the chosen gateway has the highest level of data protection. This should be the highest priority and if you find any fraud, abandon it instantly otherwise you may not get any money and you will also be responsible for answering the customer.

Payment Capabilities:

International barriers are no more part of online shopping, which means now you can do shopping from any corner of the world. So payment gateways should be capable of handling multiple currencies and card schemes from Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay to American Express. Payment gateways should be able to accept debit cards or credit cards and mobile payments as well, which shows their capabilities.

Convenience in Integrating:

Payment gateway should be designed keeping in mind the customer’s convenience which means it should be simple and easy to use. It results in getting money in a quick way in your account and the customers will also need not pass through the lengthy process which results in discouragement.


Based on the gateway, they would charge an amount of fee for their services like initial setting up fees on each transaction that takes place. So before choosing any payment gateway keep in mind, that the costs should be budget-friendly and all of them are cleared.


Magento enterprise has two kinds of enterprise editions, in Magento website development which are for small and established businesses, where their payment gateways don’t support enterprise editions So the installment door ought to have the option to deal with a high volume of exchanges when the business is at its pinnacle.

Top 5 Payment Gateways for Magento:

  1. Paypal

Paypal is considered one of the most trusted and highly used payment gateways across the world. It allows 26 currencies for the pro version and also accepts credit card payments from Mastercard, Visa, and American Express as well as mobile payments. It is easy to set up with no fees and it allows creating and sending customized invoices.

  1. Braintree:

Braintree is additionally one of the most notable installment passages which is fueled by PayPal. It has also unique features like data encryption and fraud prevention and it is suitable for all sizes of business. It has tools that allow the creation of any complex and unique checkout experience. HoweverStripe: the drawback of this system is that fees on partial refunds are not returned.

  1. Stripe:

Stripe is one of the leading payment gateways which is available in 100 currencies and known for its customizability. To integrate payments with Magneto, you need to have some programming expertise. You can checkout with just by single click and no extra fees are charged for the integration, set-up fees, or card storage fees. It also allows mobile payment and the opportunity to access the modify the code.

  1. Authorize. net

It is one of the most reliable payment service providers in history. More than 4,30,000 merchants are associated with this because it is affordable, secure, and reliable and also suitable for small and medium e-commerce businesses. Gpay and Applepay are also supported by this gateway. has developed a free mobile app with 24*7 support available to its users. 

  1. Amazon Pay:

Amazon Pay is accessible to clients in the Amazon application, so they can finish exchanges without leaving the site. It is also available in 5 different languages and supports 12 currencies. Customers are provided with high-security protection and secure checkout.

How to Integrate Magento 2 Payment Gateway into Your Website?

There are some steps through which you can integrate your website with the Magento 2 Payment gateway.

Choose a payment gateway:

Choose the right payment gateway that suits your business requirements, because every method is different with its pros and cons.

Obtain API:

To connect with your payment gateways you will be provided with API   which includes a unique merchant ID, and API keys.

Create an account:

By giving your business and banking data you can pursue a record with an installment passage of your design.

Understand security requirements:

Your website should be secured with the Security Standard Guidelines, so for this purpose, you should be familiar with the security requirements of the payment gateway.

Install integration code:

Payment gateways offer code samples to assist you, so it is necessary to follow the guides and implement the same on your website.

Test Payments:

As payment gateways have different methods of payment, it should be tested that everything is running smoothly before going live.

Go live:

Before going live, just be sure that everything is okay and you can switch it to the live mode and if needed update any necessary configurations.


Online installments are the motivation behind why there is a perceptible development in the improvement of the organization and furthermore an extraordinary accomplishment in exchanging with simple checkout. Installments can be made effectively utilizing the Magento programming, and it very well may be without inconvenience when you utilize the right installment door. By employing Magento Improvement Organization, they additionally give custom site advancement administrations. Every installment entryway has its own upsides and downsides, so legitimate Magento site improvement is likewise vital. Magento 2 stores ought to consider incorporating a Magento installment passage expansion to partake in a full-bundle installment door’s element list as well as the additional highlights just Magento expansions offer.

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