Effective Methods to Convert Outlook OST to PST  File Format

Convert Outlook OST to PST File Format

Summary : In this blog, we will describe numerous effective methods to convert Outlook OST to PST. Just go through the complete guide and perform the following steps. Additionally, users who don’t want to follow the manual method can opt for the professional solution OST to PST Converter

All users know that Microsoft Outlook has two different file formats, PST and OST. Sometimes, many users sync their respective accounts with Exchange Data Server to save their crucial data in OST file format as OST files save in an offline mode.

Moreover, there are some scenarios when such files become out of reach or inaccessible. Therefore, the user needs to export OST to PST file format. Through this, users can get access to read and view such files. Furthermore, we will discuss the need to backup Outlook OST file to PST file format. 

What are Some Scenarios to Backup OST File? 

There are some scenarios or situations where users need to Convert Outlook OST to PST files. Let’s discuss this.

  • Mailboxes of various users have been deleted from Exchange Server. 
  • Users want to back up their data before the deletion process.
  •  A user of Exchange Server wants to do backup of their data, but there are some unsaved files in their local drive. 
  • If you transfer all email data to another email client, you need to convert OST to PST file formats, as your new email client doesn’t support your OST files. 

Moreover, you have seen the various scenarios to import OST File to Outlook. Furthermore, we will discuss numerous methods.

How can We Convert Outlook OST to PST? 

In this section, we will provide you with some native approaches so that you can easily opt-in further time. 

  • Export OST to PST file format
  • By using Archive Settings
  • Use Drop and Drag Method to Transfer Data in Limited.
  • Convert OST file to PST Without Outlook With the Help of a Professional Approach. 

Method 1: Import OST File to Outlook

  • First, Open MS Outlook > Files >Open & Export > Import & Export.
  • After that, Choose Export to a file > Next.
  • Choose the last option, Outlook Data File (.pst) > Next.
  • Then, choose the specific folders or files that you want to migrate and hit the Next button. 
  • Click on the Browse button to save your respected PST files and select an option of duplicate items.

Note: When you choose your folders, then you are also choosing the subfolder option. After that, there is an additional option to type a password to secure your PST files. 

Method 2: By using Archive Settings

  • Open Microsoft Outlook application > File > Options.
  • After that, click on the Advanced option > Auto Archive Settings.
  • Then, choose the number of days when you want to operate the auto-archiving setting. 
  • Now, determine the folder to save your archived file. Hit on the OK button.

Note From this setting, your archived OST files will save as OST files. 

Method 3: Use Drop and Drag Method to Transfer Data in Limited.

  •  First, construct a new data file in Outlook. Click New Email > expand More Items > Outlook Data File
  • Pick Outlook data file (.pst) > OK.
  • After saving your PST File on your desktop, your new file data is formed. Then, you can pick your data from your older account and try to drop it out from your accessible folder. In the end, click on the Yes button.

Note If you want to transfer only the desired data from your MS Outlook account, you can directly assemble another data file in Microsoft Outlook with the help of the drag-and-drop method. 

Failures of Performing the Manual Method

There are some challenges that most users faced while performing the manual method. Let’s discuss them. 

  • These approaches are too time-consuming and prolonged.
  • It proceeds to convert Outlook OST to PST manually is problematic.
  • There is a high chance of losing your crucial information in the conversion process.
  • Users cannot backup OST File in the manual method.
  • These approaches are not for damaged or corrupted files OST files.

However, you can effortlessly see that the manual method is not safe and secure. If you don’t want to take any risk while exporting your file, you can easily go with the Professional Solution. 

Method 4: Convert OST file to PST Without Outlook with the Professional Solution 

OST to PST Converter is the finest and most efficient software to convert OST to PST files with 100% assurance of without any loss of data. Users can accumulate benefits by uploading single/multiple files or folders in a single click. You can also export other mailbox items such as notes, journals, emails, contacts, and tasks.  This utility is highly compatible with all versions of Windows OS. It supports OST Files of Exchange Server and MS Outlook. 


Here, we have discussed two methods, manual and professional. Under the manual approach, we have described three techniques. On the other hand, we use a third-party tool in the professional procedure. It’s up to you where you are comfortable executing that technique in the future.

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