How Gramhir Helps To Get More Likes & Followers Instead Of Others


Instagram has become the sole platform that rules like a king amongst various social media influencers. Individuals and businesses both take maximum advantage of this platform. More than 1 billion visitors engage over Instagram. Making it the best platform for influencing and advertising.

To do this, the basic requirement of availing of all the benefits is to have a popular Instagram account. It requires a great amount of hard work and experience you gain after thoroughly analyzing other profiles. Checking every aspect of an Instagram profile is a daunting task and may take a few days.

That’s where Gramhir comes in. It plays a crucial role by providing detailed insights into different profiles of your niche and helps you to make up your profile in a way to get popular.

Let’s know Gramhir in detail

Gramhir is a tool that views and analyzes any Instagram profile you want. You can scrutinize different profiles and hot trends running on the platform that may work for you and your voyage smoother towards popularity and prosperity.

It works like a monitor and makes it easier, simpler, and quicker to locate and analyze the data. Whether you search for information on your profile or another’s account. It is an exceptional service that Gramhir provides you. It gives you access to vital information from the public profile, be it any public figure, business, magazine, or star.

It gives you an insight into the entire list of followers. It examines more about the audience’s behavior. Interest and demographics as it is both a website and a social network. It is an ideal tool for social media analysts and social media marketing professionals.

Benefits of using Gramhir

1. Gain more knowledge of competitor’s Instagram accounts

When you run a business or are a newbie in the market. You must have little yet important information about your competitors. You get a comprehensive insight from the competitor’s Instagram account. It also tells which kind of post and hashtags worked well for them. It will help you mold your marketing approach, reach your audience more efficiently and compete effectively.

2. Explore and examine detailed information from any public Instagram account

When you anatomize your competitor and get comprehensive information from their account through Gramhir. You get to know and learn about the type of follower & following base, posts (static, video, reel and gif), and other things. This crucial piece of information will help you to revolve your social brand according to the type and taste of your targeted audience.

3. Saves time and efforts

Using Gramhir will save your time and effort. By checking several competitors’ Instagram accounts concurrently. You can use it to see every account in a flow without making tremendous efforts in flipping between them, saving time to manage several accounts simply.

4. Provides you with a rough estimate of likes and followers

Gramhir has a new AI analytic tool that helps you inspect your account’s data to forecast the number of likes, comments, and followers you can expect from your next post. It is beneficial as you can gain from the generated predictions by differentiating them from your past objectives and goals. It may increase your frequency of posting content with a higher quality of information & graphics and pleasing aesthetics than you have been doing lately.

5. Browsing anonymously

Instagram’s privacy policy is strict regarding revealing any of the account’s content. Generally, the primary prerequisite is to have an Instagram account. If you have to browse the platform and want to peep into any profile. Instagram doesn’t give you access to their content as long as you don’t log in.

Of course, with some advancement, few people get to see the target account’s content. But that only lasts for 2 or 3 minutes. This is where Gramhir enters the broader picture by browsing Instagram without logging in.

6. Allows downloading anonymously

Gramhir allows you to download content from any account you like on Instagram. It will not ask you first to log in; you can easily download unlimited resources using this perfect tool.

Amazing features of Gramhir

1. It gives you required profile statistics

Gramhir should be your go-to platform when you want to analyze any Instagram profile. It saves valuable time that you would otherwise have to spend calculating different statistics of those particular profiles like the number of average likes and comments on one specific post. The number of photo posts, the number of video posts, and others.

2. It gives you a quick result of high-profile rankings

Gramhir gives you quick results of the present most popular profiles and details and statistics about those profiles. You can easily fathom where your profile stands in your niche’s competition and where you need to pull up your socks to become no.1.

3. It gives you easy access to the latest and trending hashtags

Gramhir keeps its database up-to-date with the latest trending and hot hashtags that you can use against your post to boost your post’s visibility. You’ll get a complete list of all the hashtags trending in real time.

4. It works like a stupendous browser

Considering Gramhir as Instagram’s browser would not be wrong as it lets you explore posts, stories, videos, and reels of all the public profiles.

5. Makes you work simpler by downloading easily

Gramhir helps to download photos or videos from any Instagram profile very quickly.

How to Use Gramhir to Analyze Instagram Data

  1. Using any internet browser, you need to visit the Gramhir website.
  2. Enter a hashtag or Instagram handle to be directed to the related profile’s feed.
  3. When you’ve found it, check out the profile.
  4. The statistics will not be confusing or misleading as they are shown clearly at the top of the page.
  5. You can go ahead without a doubt and click the link.
  6. It’s preferable if you click the Download button to save the videos and photos to your device.
  7. To view your stories, click the blue arrow button.

Summing up

Gramhir is a great tool and an exceptional website that analyzes and gives prominent results for content creators on Instagram. It does not have any strict policy requiring any prior registration on the side of the user. It is made so that no one can track back to you. The unique and user-friendly algorithm gives you an easy view of data on their profiles.

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