Popular Blockchain Games for an Entrepreneur to Invest in 2023

top blockchain games for 2023

Amidst the digital age, gaming sectors evolve through groundbreaking technologies, notably Blockchain. This innovation reshapes gaming, empowering players to autonomously trade in-game assets. This blog delves into 2023’s top 5 Blockchain games for investment, poised to redefine leisure and captivate developers and players alike.

Harnessing smart contracts, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), governance tokens, and play-to-earn models, premier crypto games offer a gratifying fusion of leisure and reward, potentially blurring the line between recreation and earnings. Within, we’ll explore twelve leading play-to-earn games, dissecting their appeal to gamers and investors alike. A must-read for P2E enthusiasts.

Reviews on the best crypto games  

An influx of $2.5 billion flowed into emerging blockchain games during Q1 2022. Undoubtedly, the realm of crypto gaming stands as a swiftly expanding domain within the crypto sphere, particularly appealing to investors. The allure lies in blockchain games’ potential to yield substantial returns for coin/token holders.

In a landscape defined by innovation, the roster of premier crypto games undergoes a perpetual rejuvenation, unveiling fresh and captivating titles. Today, we unveil a selection of the finest. Investors in search of sought-after crypto games might also encounter optimal crypto faucets, offering users a chance to earn free cryptocurrency post surveys and game participation.

Various Types of Crypto Blockchain Games

The realm of blockchain gaming is experiencing rapid expansion, as indicated by a recent Binance study, boasting 1,500+ blockchain games, often categorized as Play-to-Earn (P2E) crypto games. While primarily web-based, an increasing array of iOS and Android mobile options is emerging. These crypto games generally fit into four key categories.

1. NFT Games

Predominantly, leading crypto games integrate NFT functionalities, employing them for in-game assets and virtual property. Several intricately entwine NFTs within gameplay; notably, the highly acclaimed Axie Infinity centers on NFT utilization and exchange.

2. Play-to-Earn (P2E)

True to its name, the play-to-earn category encompasses games enabling players to earn cryptocurrency via gameplay or tournaments. Prime play-to-earn titles masterfully balance rewards and token utility, bolstering value. While free options expand, many entail initial investment.

3. Metaverse Games

Emerging crypto games forge unique metaverses, while some thrive within established ones, like Decentraland. Leading the pack, Axie Infinity crafts its metaverse, while The Sandbox empowers 3D game creation. Anticipate metaverse-driven gems like Tamadoge and Star Atlas in 2023.

How do Blockchain Games Work?

1. Blockchain games rapidly evolve, differing from regular games.

2. Leading crypto games often function as Decentralized Apps (dApps) hosted on blockchains.

3. Access via web browsers requires Web3 wallet plugins like MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

4. Growing Android and iOS crypto games feature built-in wallets for seamless play.

5. Many blockchain games adopt ‘play-to-earn’ models, rewarding players for progress and achievements.

6. Play-to-earn crypto games encompass a substantial portion of the top titles.

7. Tokenized gaming economies in these titles enable crypto earnings while playing.

8. Distinct from traditional games, blockchain games offer unique opportunities for players.

The Top 6 Blockchain Games that are most popular in crypto space 

1. Bluelight.Inc

Bluelight.Inc is a next-gen blockchain game where players create and manage a startup, completing tasks and projects for tokens. Strengthen your team, improve your workspace, earn $KALE, and aim for the CEO position at Bluelight Corporation.

Bluelight.Inc, a cutting-edge blockchain game, prioritizes a pleasurable and lasting user journey. Create your startup, realize countless projects, amass wealth, and ascend to a renowned Metaverse enterprise. Embark on a startup venture with an office and task-driven team. Earn tokens and awards for project completion, enriching your workspace and unlocking challenging future endeavors. Team growth via card collection, $KALE accumulation, and ascending to Bluelight Corporation’s CEO define core goals.

2. Gods Unchained:

Gods Unchained, renowned in the NFT trading realm of the metaverse, not only offers captivating play-to-earn attributes but also boasts a free-to-play status, setting it apart from various GameFi endeavors. Chris Clay, an influential figure from Magic: The Gathering, leads this multiplayer blockchain innovation, echoing Hearthstone’s gameplay. It pioneers NFT card sets where players engage in battles, competing for rewards and leaderboard prestige, making it a prime gateway to metaverse gaming exploration.

Collecting cards and engaging in player battles secures rewards. Through Ethereum’s blockchain, users proficiently handle, exchange, and acquire virtual cards, gaining tactical advantages in confrontations.

3. Alien Worlds

With a vast player base exceeding a million, Alien Worlds stands as a remarkable NFT game. It facilitates Trilium ($TLM) earnings, fueling play-to-earn dynamics and granting access to diverse game modes and governance over Planet DAOs. Engaging players in council elections and council leadership mirrors real-world economic competition.

Venturing into the Metaverse, players partake in quests, discovering NFTs for mining Trilium or battling to fulfill goals. NFTs’ distinct rarity and luster determine their in-game worth.

4. Sorare

Sorare, the fantasy football card game, empowers players to devise lineups and strategies, captivating football enthusiasts with its NFT-based concept. Engaging in weekly competitions, managers deploy real football players’ trade cards, mirroring fantasy football’s dynamics. Points mirror actual events and player performance, akin to the traditional counterpart. The game categorizes cards by rarity – limited, rare, super rare, and unique – determining their platform value. Players exclusively own these NFT cards, facilitating exchanges or resale within the gaming community.

Upon registering for Sorare, players are gifted an initial bundle without any cost. Progress entails amassing cards during gameplay while ascending divisions necessitates the acquisition of the most distinct and exceptional cards.

5. The Walking Dead: Empires

Drenched in the realm of ‘The Walking Dead’, Apocalypse Now: Empires beckons survival game enthusiasts. This blockchain-fueled MMO unites players to combat walkers, vie with foes, erect abodes, and scavenge resources. The game mirrors the show’s essence, allowing players to either assert leadership, guide allies, or pledge allegiance to mightier figures. An enticing domain for those captivated by survival challenges within a beloved universe.

Within this realm, landowners reap amplified rewards during heightened regional activity – trade, combat, or both. A formidable stronghold beckons, drawing rivals, walkers, and survivors alike.

6. Tamadoge

The Tamadoge arcade follows the Super Doge sequel, birthed from a promising meme project. In the Tamagotchi-inspired primary game, caring for pets yields $TAMA tokens. Successful pet-raising earns tokens on the leaderboard. Pets battle rivals. In the platform version, players navigate levels like Mario, gathering coins and vanquishing characters. The AR app explores the real world with dogs on-screen.

Recently launched, “To The Moon” from Tamadoge is causing a stir in the gaming community. It’s the third addition to the acclaimed Tamadoge arcade collection, fostering countless hours of engagement.

Wrapping up

If you’ve traversed the blockchain realm, you may have encountered the prolonged crypto winter and play-to-earn disappointments. But, hold off on dismissing emerging ventures – a fresh wave of P2E and blockchain games, like Bluelight.inc is reshaping priorities for lasting user satisfaction over hasty gains.

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Undoubtedly, web3 gaming platforms stand as promising web3 blockchain applications. The potential disruption of the $190 billion global gaming industry propels crypto games into a lucrative 2023 investment spotlight. Plinko and Aviator take the spotlight as top choices, offering simplicity and substantial winnings in swift intervals. Both reside within the Lucky Block casino, featured alongside a generous 200% welcome bonus for newcomers. As the web3 gaming landscape evolves, these transformative forces mark the dawn of an exciting era. If you’re struggling with the initiation to the web3 game development, take deep research on the best Blockchain Game Development Company that can assist you. 

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