Things to do in Cambridge

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With its extensive history, esteemed universities, and thriving cultural scene, Cambridge has many events and attractions that tourists can participate in. Everyone can find something to enjoy in Cambridge, whether interested in visiting renowned academic institutions, wandering through charming neighbourhoods, or getting lost in the city’s thriving arts and various other fun things to do. Delta Airlines is a perfect travel partner that provides cheap flights to Cambridge with an easy ticket reservation process.

1. Discover the Historic Colleges

Since Cambridge is known for its elite universities, only a trip to the city would be complete with discovering the historic colleges. The renowned King’s College is an excellent place to start because of its majestic chapel and breathtaking views of the River Cam. Explore the quaint gardens and courtyards of other schools, including Trinity College, St. John’s College, and Pembroke College, each with distinct architecture and ambience.

2. Punt along the River Cam

Punting is a defining experience of Cambridge. Get in a punt, a traditional flat-bottomed boat, and cruise the peaceful River Cam. On a guided trip, a professional guide will share insights into the city’s history and well-known sites as you unwind and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Alternatively, rent a punt and explore the river alone.

3. Visit the Fitzwilliam Museum

The Fitzwilliam Museum is one of the best museums in the nation. Here, you may immerse yourself in art and culture. Explore its extensive collection, which includes works of art from ancient Egypt, classical Greece, and Rome, as well as European masterpieces, and spans centuries and countries. The museum offers a fascinating journey through art history, from paintings and sculptures to ceramics and manuscripts.

4. Wander through the Botanic Garden

Stroll through the tranquil Cambridge University Botanic Garden to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This 40-acre botanical garden features various plant species, vibrant flowerbeds, quiet lakes, and peaceful wooded regions. Enjoy a stroll, lying on the grass, and enjoying the natural beauty.

5. Discover the Mathematical Bridge

Cross the famous Mathematical Bridge to learn about this fantastic engineering achievement at Queens College. This famously unusual wooden bridge was initially built without any bolts or nails. It offers a distinctive viewpoint on the city’s architectural history and is an excellent location for pictures.

6. Examine the Cambridge Market Square

Take in the lively ambience of this hive of activity as you explore the Cambridge Market Square. Explore the vendors selling local crafts, fresh fruit, and interesting souvenirs. Enjoy coffee at one of the charming cafés around or sample delectable street food worldwide. The market is a bustling location where you can take in some retail therapy while learning about the local culture.

7. Visit the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Visit the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology to learn about the rich cultural history of civilizations worldwide. The museum’s extensive collection, which spans centuries, features artefacts from the Pacific Islands, Africa, ancient Egypt, and other places. Learn about many civilizations, traditions, and archaeological discoveries through exciting exhibitions and interactive displays.

8. Discover the Whipple Museum of the History of Science

Visit the Whipple Museum of the History of Science to learn more about the history of science and to delve into the world of scientific discovery. This intriguing museum is home to a sizable collection of scientific tools and artefacts that illustrate the advancement of science and technology across time. The museum provides an enthralling look into the history of scientific research, displaying everything from telescopes and globes to astrolabes and early computers.

9. Visit the Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial

Visit the American Cemetery and Memorial in Cambridge to pay respects to the World War II dead. Over 3,800 American servicemen have their final resting place in this immaculately kept cemetery. While strolling through the tranquil gardens and the memorial chapel, please take a minute to consider and remember their sacrifice.

10. Visit the Museum of Zoology

Learn more about the beautiful animals there. A magnificent collection of specimens, including extinct and endangered species, may be found in this recently restored museum. You may learn about evolution, biodiversity, and conservation through exhibitions and interactive displays. Visitors of all ages can have a fun and enlightening experience at the museum.

11. Discover the Cambridge Science Centre

At the Cambridge Science Centre, indulge your curiosity and discover the wonders of science. All ages can participate in the interactive displays and activities at this museum. From biology and technology to physics and chemistry, the centre offers an entertaining and instructive experience that will spark an interest in science.

12. Explore the Grantchester Meadows

Take a stroll or a quiet bike ride around the gorgeous Grantchester Meadows to learn more about them. These meadows, close to Cambridge, provide lovely scenery, soothing river vistas, and tranquil walking routes. Take a picnic, look for wildlife, or relax in the arms of nature.

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13. View the architectural splendour of the Wren Library

This historic library, which Sir Christopher Wren designed, is home to a sizable collection of rare books, manuscripts, and historical documents. The library’s gorgeous decor and rare literary treasures, such as early printings of Shakespeare’s works and Isaac Newton’s manuscripts, are best appreciated during a guided tour.There are many attractions and activities in Cambridge to suit a variety of interests. Cambridge will capture your attention whether you’re interested in history, art, science, or just the allure of a classic English city. This fascinating city has several things to do, from touring historic universities and punting along the River Cam to immersing yourself in top-notch museums and cultural centres. Make your Delta Airlines booking through their website and use the budget travel option on destination flights. Plan your trip to Cambridge now and explore its fascinating history and thriving cultural scene.

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