5 Things to Know Before Outsourcing Data Entry

Data Entry Outsourcing

High-quality and accurate data can be precious for a business organization. You regularly need to digitize, monitor, and process the data generated through customer interactions along with data from other sources. Let’s discuss how to find an eligible data entry services company.

Things You Need to Know Before Outsourcing

Once you have decided to outsource data entry operations, you need to do a little homework. The following needs your attention:

outsource data entry operations

♦ Analyze the Costs

Work on the costs of hiring an in-house team and its monthly upkeep. Also, calculate the costs of technology, hardware, and infrastructure. Once you have all these calculations ready it will be easy to compare them with the outsourcing costs. There is no point in engaging a data entry services company that costs you more than the in-house department establishment. You can also take advantage of the comparatively cheaper labor costs by engaging with offshore partners like data entry services in India.

♦ Check Data Protection Mechanism

Your business documents may contain sensitive information like if you belong to the healthcare sector, the data system should be HIPAA compliant. Therefore, data security and protection should be your topmost priority. Before you engage a data entry service provider, analyze the security mechanism they use. They should have firewalls, encryptions, and access controls.

♦ Evaluate the Requirement

It is crucial to analyze your data goals. Find your data needs, how you will use the database, and what operations will need it. Ask your outsourcing partner to provide additional services like data mining, standardization, or conversion according to your data needs.

♦ Turnaround Time

Based on your business’s requirement you need to calculate the turnaround time of the outsourcing partner. Analyzing the time when you need digitized data is crucial mainly if you belong to sectors like insurance or healthcare where delays might lead to loss. Once you know the required time bracket, discuss it with the service provider and check whether they have the manpower and technology to cope with the pressure.

Engaging with offshore partners like data entry services in India or other countries can help you leverage the time zone difference to your benefit.

♦ Analyze the Experience

Depending on your business’s trade, analyze the work experience of your data entry service company. It is always beneficial to hire someone that has worked in the same sector as they understand the challenges and needs.

Challenges in Data Entry Outsourcing

It is important to understand the challenges you might face in outsourcing, and discuss the same with the partner firm. The following are some common risk factors that you might face upon outsourcing data entry.

♦ Quality Control

One of the major risks pertaining to outsourcing is quality control. When you hand over the data entry operations to a third-party make sure to set in place a quality monitoring process. Let them know your quality standards beforehand and distinguish between core and non-core tasks. It will help in the maintenance of a quality benchmark.

♦ Communication

It is always better to communicate your requirements effectively and clearly. It will help the service provider come up with a detailed and focused plan of action. Language differences are a major issue when working with a data entry service company. Make sure the service provider addresses the issue of communication.

♦ Data Security

You cannot take risks with your data protection. It might contain information whose leakage directly impacts your business. Your outsourcing partner must have advanced security technology to minimize this risk.

Tips to Find The Right Data Entry Partner

Though we have discussed the major part of a coefficient n-plan, that will help you find a capable and efficient data entry services company. Here are some added tips that will help you close the best deals.

♦ Negotiate for Customized Plan

Based on your data goals, try to negotiate a customized plan. You can add the required data processing services. Compare this price with the one you worked on above.

♦ Supervise Quality

Analyze the work quality of prospective outsourcing partners. You can go through their portfolio, the kind of clients they have, and the industry segment that they served.

♦ Convey Your Requirements

Your outsourcing partner should understand your data goals. Which business operations will use this data? The timeline you need.

♦ Team and Infrastructure

Before you finalize the deal, analyze the data entry services company’s infrastructure. Check whether the technology they use is efficient enough or not. Also, ask them about the team’s skills, experience, and qualifications.


Outsourcing is a great option that can reap business benefits and streamline operations provided you work on details rather than jumping into a deal. Once you make an informed choice, you will save ample time and capital to work on other core areas. Consider outsourcing to data entry services in India, as it can give added benefits like cheap labor costs, time-zone differences, skills, and experience.

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